Thursday, November 17, 2011

Funny thing about food blogs...

Here's the thing about food blogs, or blogs of any kind for that matter. Sometimes people come to your blog for all the wrong reasons and sometimes you get some really strange comments...

Do you notice anything unusual in this picture? Like 20,307 pageviews in one day? I admit, I don't keep too close an eye on my blog "stats." I'm not really doing this to make money (hey, we can't all be Pioneer Woman, right?) so I don't obsess over how many people are checking out my blog on any given day but the other day I noticed there had been a huge increase in traffic and when I went to investigate a hilarious tale unfolded.
After noticing the influx of traffic, I saw that I had a comment awaiting moderation*:
If you can't read the tee-tiny print, let me sum it up for you. This was a comment posted on my friend Kira's recipe for Sea Glass candy. Historically, it's been a popular post - I've seen it pinned on Pinterest a few times - frankly, it's pretty awesome (and I can say that without a hint of humility because I didn't come up with the recipe or the photos - it was all the work of my friend Kira who agreed to let me share it on my blog). The comment goes on to suggest that if the previous commenter wants a "tee-nth of the blue" then she's "gotta pay for it like everyone else."
Okay. Well, that's strange - it's not so much about Sea Glass Candy or even Kira's awesome photos - it's referencing Meth and believe me, I was confused. So I poked around a little and realized that 99% of the traffic was coming from one website. I followed the link to a discussion page on someone's Halloween costume - not just any costume, though, a costume for the main character from "Breaking Bad." If you've never seen the show, it's all about an out of work science teacher who starts a meth lab. And here's the kicker - the folks over there talking about this guy's costume had posted a link to Kira's candy because it looked just like the stuff they use on the show to simulate crystal meth. Um...yeah. So thanks "Breaking Bad" fans for all the hits, I guess, and now back to our regularly scheduled programming.


corrin said...

As a Breaking Bad fan, that's kind of awesome. And the first thing I thought of when I saw the photo and before I read the post.


Ten Cow said...

Oh that is crazy! Kinda' creepy to think that all those hits were from druggies on a little kid eating healthy website. Too funny.

Carrie @Bakeaholic Mama said...

That is so funny!

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