Friday, October 7, 2011

Cooking Up a Field Trip: Lied Discovery Children's Museum

This past week, the Kid and I joined the Dad on a work trip to Vegas. If you're thinking there's nothing for a 3-year-old to do in Vegas, you'd be wrong. Though I have to say Las Vegas is still not the tops in family-friendly destinations (and really, is it supposed to be after all?) we did find a few fun things to do while the Dad was working. Like the Lied Discovery Children's Museum.
They had two exhibitions which were of particular interest to me as a food blogger. In their "Green Village" - devoted to teaching all things green or eco-friendly - you'll find this little grocery store. Granted, the signage is a little above the Kid's head at this time - both figuratively and literally (it was hung at about my shoulder level so I'm not sure what kid would be tall enough to read it):
The message is still good. But maybe it's more about teaching the parents to shop for greener groceries than the kids. After all, it's us parents who do the shopping most of the time, right?
Upstairs, they had an exhibition entirely devoted to nutrition. "You Decide" features interactive games designed for kids in elementary school but interesting enough to engage the younger ones with a little parental help.
One game tallied the calorie totals throughout a day's worth of meals, making suggestions for healthier options while another game tracked the journey of a lowly potato from field to plate.
In Cleaning Out the Fridge, kids get to sort the foods in the fridge by type - milk, meats, vegetables, fruits, etc...

Ultimately, the Kid's favorite exhibition wasn't food-related at all - for a kid who got to ride three airplanes in two days during this trip, X was fascinated with the airport play center, complete with security check point and kid-size airplane that he could fly. If you're in Las Vegas, be sure to check out the Lied Discovery Children's Museum!


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